Ladybird Organics

Ladybird Organics houses Monticello Vineyards & Winery, Florida's only organic farm winery, specializing in Muscadine wines. The farm produces USDA certified organic grapes, Meyer lemons, Marsh grapefruit, persimmons, pecans, and pears, as well as USDA organic wheatgrass and microgreens -- sunflower, pea and buckwheat sprouts -- eggs, worms, worm castings, and organic potting soil.

Muscadine grape plants and magnificent worm castings and worms are available from our nursery year round for those who garden or want to start their own vermicomposting project. We offer fresh grapes and other fruits in season. A specialty product of ours is certified organic microgreens -- wheatgrass, pea shoots, sunflower and buckwheat sprouts -- grown to order. Farm fresh eggs and a limited number of pasture-raised chickens (broilers) are available to local customers.

USDA Organic

USDA Organic SealUSDA Organic certification means the product is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, and hormones. Organic products are produced through farming practices that help prevent topsoil erosion, improve soil fertility, protect groundwater, and conserve biological diversity.

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